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Linda Herr, The Mess Arrester SM, Organization Facilitator for Homes and Businesses


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How would it feel to have an enthusiastic, encouraging, smiling person gently motivating you and moving you toward organization now?

• Identify your organizational strengths and weaknesses.
• Get things back where you can find them.
Make decisions more easily.
Minimize paper backlogs.
• Get through work-to-do piles.
Master time-wasters.
• Use time more effectively to get more done.

Alaska’s own organization consultant,
Linda Herr - The Mess ArresterSM,
is a professional coach and trainer and author of several books.

She has 35 years of business experience,
from clerical to management positions in accounting,
computer operations and systems coordination, systems analysis,
records management, forms control, supervision and training of staff.

The Mess Arrester offers more than advice.
She offers personalized services and hands-on help!

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Linda Herr’s books include:


Organize the Disorganized ©
Tips and Techniques to Reduce Stress

Year-Round Spring Cleaning Marathon©

Setting Up an Office for Your Small Business©
(No longer in print.)

Linda Herr is available for business or personal consultation as well as on-site training seminars.


For information on Mess Arrester books, write:

Linda Herr
PO Box 1368
Girdwood, AK


Guarantee: Whether business or household,
all work is performed with confidentiality and integrity.

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