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Linda Herr, The Mess Arrester SM, Organization Facilitator for Homes and Businesses


At Work …

• Problems with efficiency and productivity?

•Feel like you are losing credibility and the chaos is taking over?

• Executives are pleasantly surprised how quickly Linda can categorize and group materials to breeze through for more convenient and efficient processing.

• You'll love your personalized file system!

• Feel a great sense of relief as you see you can regain control and the entire department can now run more smoothly.


At Home …

• The office is OK, but you wish you had an office assistant for paperwork at home?

• Like many of the CEOs, Executive Directors and the Operation Managers Linda works with, do you want to minimize the administrative demands of your personal life?

• Linda cleans up the chaos!

• She updates and simplifies file systems; organizes household expense records; reconciles banking and credit card accounts; does personal medical claim processing and expense reports and expedites info for tax time.



Corporate Training …

• Linda can also work with individuals in a department to facilitate productivity and workflow, or increase an entire department’s efficiency through training seminars.

Who Can Linda Help?


Linda Herr is available for business or personal consultation as well as on-site training seminars.

Need someone to help you pull it all back together?
One time? Once a month? Bi-weekly?


“The Mess ArresterSM arrived on the scene, understood the need, conquered the problem — so well, in fact, that our clients are operating more efficiently and effectively! Everybody’s happy!”
— Joseph Chimera, President, Consulting Task Force, Inc.

“Linda’s solutions stick. She’s taught me tips both large and small that make an enormous difference in my work and home life. Thanks to her, I now have the first filing system that ever worked for me.”
— Sonya Senkowsky, AlaskaWriter, LLC

“I felt more at ease and less guilty about having procrastinated and felt more motivated to get busy and get organized!”
— Kathy Thompson, Sales Account Executive


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