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Linda Herr, The Mess Arrester SM, Organization Facilitator for Homes and Businesses

Statistics show that most small businesses fail in their first few years due to poor management practices. Linda helps new business get off to the right start and helps established businesses stay on the right track.

Start Ups…

• Get your new office up and running quickly and efficiently?

• Create a file system, simple procedures, forms and workflow.

• Simple setup for your income and expense system at the beginning (before it gets really complicated)

• Wish you knew all of the things starting your business would entail? Linda helps you consider financial matters you may not have thought of — before you make the investment.


Already up-and-running …

• Is your paperwork out of control?

• Need ideas or training for QuickBooks, Simple Start or Quicken setup?

• Set up your financial system so your accountant understands you and you understand him/her.

• Improve task productivity and work flow.

• Ongoing bookkeeping assistance



Corporate Training …

• Linda can also work with individuals in a department to facilitate productivity and workflow, or increase an entire department’s efficiency through training seminars.

Who Can Linda Help?


Need someone to help you pull it all back together?
One time? Once a month? Bi-weekly?


“When I first showed Linda my office I thought she would faint! She just laughed and said ‘Yes, now this is a mess! Well, let’s get started!’ Later, instead of the six rooms of wall-to-wall piles and no floor in sight, I found all of my software neatly on shelves, some boxes of leftover papers I had to go through to identify what to discard and what to save, all of the hardware and electronic items separated and stored in easily identifiable locations — disks, equipment, tools and materials were categorizes and boxed together for easy retrieval! What had only a few days ago seemed like an endless, impossible world of clutter was now transformed into an organized and useable office!"

— Peter R. Calendo, PRC Computer Services



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