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Linda Herr, The Mess Arrester SM, Organization Facilitator for Homes and Businesses


What Linda’s clients have to say …

Testimonials from Linda Herr’s enthusiastic clients are scattered throughout this site. Or, read them all at once here:

“Once the movers had left, I reentered my new house and stared at the rooms filled with boxes of all my household possessions. Overwhelmed by the thought of such a huge undertaking and unsure just where to begin first, I called The Mess Arrester! Within one full day’s time, the boxes were neatly distributed to the rooms where they would be unpacked. All of my basic necessities, which would allow me to function adequately until everything was settled, had been located and were now within reach. What had previously appeared as a warehouse now had the feel of a home. I could relax, knowing the essential matters were taken care of and later, as time permitted, I could leisurely unpack the less immediate items!”
— Kristen R., Professional Artist

“…with The Mess Arrester, you know what you have, where it is and how to retrieve it — quickly and easily!”
— Francis W. (Bud) Greuen, President, Stephen Speech Center

“Once our company has completed the household repairs to fire- or water- damaged homes – we find clients are often overwhelmed at the immensity of the unpacking process. Having referred The Mess Arrester to several of our clients, we have received many appreciative comments. It seems that they feel that Linda can help them get their household up and running quickly and efficiently!”
— Paul S. Macaluso, President, Macaluso Construction

The Mess ArresterSM arrived on the scene, understood the need, conquered the problem — so well, in fact, that our clients are operating more efficiently and effectively! Everybody’s happy!”
— Joseph Chimera, President, Consulting Task Force, Inc.

“When my husband was recently hospitalized and was too weak to feed himself, The Mess Arrester assisted with this task on a few evenings when we were unable to be there. Once recovered, and delighted with her cheerful manner, my husband suggested we adopt her as a family member!”
— Elaine Cacciato

“With the assistance of The Mess Arrester, we were quickly able to move holiday items back up into the attic — with boxes and items easily identified for quick retrieval next year. The Mess Arrester helps to organize the attic, closets and the basement, as well as assisting with household paperwork!”
— A North Buffalo (NY) housewife

“Linda’s solutions stick. She’s taught me tips both large and small that make an enormous difference in my work and home life. Thanks to her, I now have the first filing system that ever worked for me.
— Sonya Senkowsky, home-office owner, AlaskaWriter LLC

I felt more at ease and less guilty about having procrastinated and felt more motivated to get busy and get organized!”
— Kathy Thompson, Sales Account Executive

Stop procrastinating!

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Linda Herr’s books include:


Organize the Disorganized ©
Tips and Techniques to Reduce Stress

Year-Round Spring Cleaning Marathon©

Setting Up an Office for Your Small Business©
(No longer in print.)

Linda Herr is available for business or personal consultation as well as on-site training seminars.


Mess Arrester books are sold at local (Alaska) bookstores.
For more information, write:

Linda Herr
PO Box 1368
Girdwood, AK 99587-1368


Guarantee: Whether business or household,
all work is performed with confidentiality and integrity.

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