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Linda Herr, The Mess Arrester SM, Organization Facilitator for Homes and Businesses


Taxes …

• Does tax time always come 11 months too soon?

Your tax preparer cringes when you walk in the door with your sloppy old shoe box full of receipts?

• Let Linda create a personalized system for collecting your tax info in a more efficient manner. And let’s save you money this year!!

• Assistance for those who haven’t filed taxes in years (usually just because your papers aren’t in order)



Household Clutter …

• Seem like you are constantly throwing things away, but more grows in its place?

• Feel like everything is piling up around you, you can’t find anything and are losing control?

• Feeling depressed and unable to concentrate?

• Get fresh ideas on how to keep better organized — catered to your situation!

• Organization of your general living area, kitchen, garage, attic, or basement.

• Creative ideas to design your home environment to complement more comfortably your personality and needs.


Personal bookkeeping

• Hate to do your own personal bookkeeping but don’t trust Internet banking?

• Linda does non-payroll personal bookkeeping for those who:

- Can’t keep the checkbook reconciled.
- Really hate bookkeeping.
- Suffer chronic disorganization.
- Miss deadlines due to frequent travel.
- Just don’t have time.

Paperwork / Filing

• Your work office is OK, but you wish you had help (or just a workable system) for all that household paperwork?

• Is your professional life so demanding you long for an at-home assistant?

Don’t miss additional at-home services for executives on my Business Professionals page.


Need someone to help you pull it all back together?
One time? Once a month? Bi-weekly?


“With the assistance of The Mess Arrester, we were quickly able to move holiday items back up into the attic — with boxes and items easily identified for quick retrieval next year. The Mess Arrester helps to organize the attic, closets and the basement, as well as assisting with household paperwork!”
— A North Buffalo (NY) housewife


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